Earth is My Pind 🌏 🕶 - The Pendu State of Mind

Imagine a world where humans & some extra territorial sentient beings live in harmony spread around a network of galactic clusters, galaxies, solar systems & billions of planets like our own Earth.

This might sound too futuristic or even fictional but now take your imagination back to 1950's, some of the people reading this might have lived in that time. If someone read a newspaper article saying "Imagine a world where people will be able to reach the moon and live video chat with people on Earth". Then the person would think to themselves. "Live video what??" It sounds as fictional as the intergalactic multiple sentient species harmonious world.

But why go too far in thinking, Elon Musk's SpaceX already have a plan to make humans multi-planetary

Physical Bodies might need a time machine, but the mind is limitless & is already capable of time travel. 

When you believe the Earth is to be your Pind, it's what we call The Pendu State of Mind.

Earth as visible from moon. Some part of moon surface is visible in the lower part of the image. Lower part of Earth disappears into the black space. Earth looks like a thumbnail.

That is where you must be right now, most probably