About Us


The Pendu Store is started with an aim to bring the cross section of the New Age Western Design and the Punjabi Culture & Jargon to casual & streetwear fashion. We want to make the rising global fashion easily accessible in Punjab. Our team hails from Bathinda, however our first love is Punjab, the Land of 5 Rivers. East or West. We also plan to add flavors of different states to The Pendu Store as we grow.


Pendu Originals

The designs created by our core team are called Pendu Originals. We will soon sign up with other local designers to bring their designs to our niche audience (which is people with good taste like yourself).



Our 4 member team is headed by Gundeep Singh, Founder of The Pendu Store. Nikita Anand & Jaspreet Singh are creative muscles of the company. Manish Singla handles the website and other technical stuff. We have third party partners who handle the logistics. Our team is working remotely as of the worldwide pandemic.

Collaborating With Us

Drop an email on gundeep2213@gmail.com if you would like to feature your designs on The Pendu Store. If we your designs match our vibe, it'll be a deal. As simple as that.